Base Directory Specification and plugins

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> On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:28 PM, Yury G.  Kudryashov
Replying to the list.
> Hi
> Why are these outside /usr or /usr/local to begin with? It seems like
> the initial premise is asking XDG to make an exception which subverts
> FHS.
Example: a lot of software compiled by one user for many other users (say, on 
a shared hosting). Why you're against XDG_PLUGIN_DIRS but not XDG_DATA_DIRS 
> Instead, XDG could add `XDG_LOCAL_HOME` / `XDG_LOCAL_DIRS`. That would
> be generally helpful in many cases, including yours, albeit not
> exactly what was asked for.
If XDG_LOCAL_DIRS is a set of prefixes, defaults to /usr/local:/usr and every 
program should look for plugins/data/config, then it is OK for me.
> Isolating LIBRARY
Not libraries (there is LD_LIBRARY_PATH) but dlopen'd plugins.
> out special so people can put them willy-nilly
> wherever they like sounds like a slippery slope. Will others ask for
There exists $PATH
There exists $MANPATH
> etc?
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