Mime types for folders

Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Tue Feb 8 02:10:37 PST 2011

Dnia wtorek, 8 lutego 2011 o 01:28:38 Keith Poole napisał(a):
> Hi Kristof. 
> A good example of what I'm trying to do would be to allow *.DVD folders to open in a specified application as opposed to opening in the file browser. Of course the user may still want to browse the folder etc, hence my subclassing.
> MIME types may not be the way to do this, but I was hoping for a solution that was transparent to the file manager as much as possible. The last thing I want to do is go patching thunar, konq, nautilus, etc. 

Why would you want to change the handler application?  A DVD holds tracks that hold read-only file systems that can hold any data, and with a special provision that some file systems within tracks allow you to "borrow" files stored on previous tracks.  So I guess that would be a set of numbered tracks that the application would extract content from, wouldn’t it?  I do not think such an application would be particularly useful, but it is of course up to you :-)

However, have in mind that XDG tools are in a habit of looking *inside* files to determine what they contain; the file name is only a hint.  And yes, the file manager should automatically match the view mode to the perceived content if we want it to work just like Microsoft Windows Explorer (which is, admit it, quite smart in most cases, although probably not in the DVD case in particular — not that I can attest in either direction because I never saw such a directory in my life).


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