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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Jan 11 09:50:12 PST 2011

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, Marco Martin wrote:
> just for the record.. ask to who?

freeedesktop.org .. 

> also, I would like an agreed way to proceed for proposed specifications,
> like


> * everybody free to make branches
> * one branch per proposed specification (or proposed new version of an
> existing specification)
> * merged in master once agreed upon

i don't know if it needs to be "once agreed upon" since that begs the question 
"who counts towards agreement"? 

e.g. the StatusNotifier specification. KDE is using it, Canonical is using it 
in their indicators (which it seems OpenSuse's GNOME is also getting packages 
for now), there's at least one dock app using them .... but it isn't being 
used by upstream GNOME.

such specifications that are actually implemented and considered at least at a 
"first release quality" state should, imho, be able to be merged into master.

while being drafted, it makes sense to do so in a branch, though. in fact, we 
could say that all drafts should happen in a branch and only releases and bug 
fixes be merged into master?

anyways, i'd personally like to see _all_ implemented specs in that repository 
so that whenever one of us decides to implement something we can check xdg-
specs and see the state of the art, hopefully avoiding wheel reinvention as we 

so while i agree with your suggested workflow in general, i suggest we define 
"agreed upon" as meaning "at least the first actual release of the spec with 
at least one production implementation". thoughts?

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