Showing a file in the file manager

Federico Mena Quintero federico at
Fri May 20 09:18:22 PDT 2011

On Fri, 2011-05-20 at 11:07 +0200, Stef Bon wrote:

> The option you suggest does not open an image for example in the
> default imageviewer, but as file (as any other) in dolphin?

Yes, that is correct - the file manager opens a folder window, and
selects the file you specified within that window.  It's a "show me
where this file lives" command :)

> And for my info, where does xdg-utils store the preferences?? I see
> xdg-settings, but no .xdg or something simular in my homedir.

Ummm, which preferences?  For example, xdg-open does some heuristics to
determine which desktop environment is running, and then it just calls
gnome-open, kfmclient, exo-open, etc. as appropriate.

(Yeah, it's kind of ugly.  This D-Bus stuff would indeed make things
much easier.)


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