Showing a file in the file manager

Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at
Sat May 21 02:18:20 PDT 2011

Dnia sobota, 21 maja 2011 o 00:29:37 PCMan napisał(a):
> On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 12:12 AM, Federico Mena Quintero

> ShowInFolder, ShowItem, or SelectItem might be more appropreate than
> ShowFile IMHO. Sometimes you might want to select something that's not
> a file in the folder view.
> Most of the time when you show a dir, you want to show its content in
> folder view, but sometimes you may want to show its parent dir and
> have it selected in it.

In order to show the contents of a directory, you just execute the default action on it.


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