Common interfaces for speech services

Michael Pozhidaev msp at
Mon Nov 7 17:56:41 PST 2011


> Yeah, that sounds like a good approach. I am interested in your
> software also btw.  Is it open source licensed?  Where could it be
> gotten from?

Yes, it is usual GPL project. Here is the git with sources:

Also it is the link to tar.gz package of last stable release. This
package additionally includes doxygen generated files:

This code currently does not have dbus implementation since we are just
discussing it but there are no problems making this new feature
impossible. Also I am sorry we have not yet created good English
information resource in the web about voiceman but I am sure it is
really required now and we will add it soon. :))

> As for how/where to get freedesktop infrastructure involved, others on
> the list will have to respond to that.  I haven't had much luck in
> that regard (but I haven't exactly tried to push much in this regard

Yes, thanks! :))

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