Extending the Desktop Entry spec for static app actions

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Fri Nov 25 16:04:18 PST 2011

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 7:59 AM, Pierre Wieser <pwieser at trychlos.org> wrote:

> > What specification are you referring to?
> > In case of DES-EMA (http://www.nautilus-actions.org/?q=node/377), I
> > don't think that's deprecated. In fact, nautilus-actions still
> > exists, even if it's not in the default package set.
> Humm.. Yes, I do confirm: Nautilus-Actions still exists ;)
> And no, DES-EMA is not yet deprecated (afaik).
Not really closely related to the original topic in discussion, I'm here to
confirm the active state of DES-EMA.
Recently we implemented most parts of DES-EMA in LXDE as well and the code
is available in a git branch now.
Soon it will become available to the users after 1.0 release of our file
Nautilus-actions is not the only user of the proposed DES-EMA spec. :-)

> Giovanni, I am not sure I really understand what is your goal
> in this matter.
> Could you please give us an example or a use case ?
> Regards
> Pierre
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