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Tue Jun 12 05:20:32 PDT 2012


I have dev my own protocol to send copy/move to do.
The sender are: file manager like dolphin, totalcommander, Microsoft
windows explorer, ...
The receiver are: file copier like: ultracopier, supercopier, teracopy, ...
It's to provide more advanced copied than the default dialog.
- It's not for all user, need be installed, and can be disable/enable at hot
- The file manager need look if advanced copier compatible is listen,
if yes send the copy to do, else, do them self the copy.

Actually, 0 free environment provide way to do it, just windows.
All is here:
I have do this standard, to be multi-platform, I'm not hostile to dbus
implementation, but to increase the linux popularity AND have
integration under some env (dolphin will be pleasant to me).

Then, dbus or actual implementation (to be multi-platform)? How write
on freedesktop to write this standard? How do adoption of this
standard by KDE/Gnome?
Actually I use the actual implementation under Windows to intercept
the copy/paste, or move/paste.

Thanks to your help.

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