Support for localized Exec entries, please

Ronny Standtke ronny.standtke at
Wed Jun 13 00:41:02 PDT 2012

Hi Florian

> If a user installs an application, it is a reasonable expectation that 
> it will appear in the menu.
That's true for menu entries that make sense for all locales. But in our 
use case we already have have *locale specific* menu entries. We really 
need them and we already use them because KDE already provides us with 
the necessary flexibility. Everything is great with KDE. The only issue 
is that we also want to offer GNOME as an alternative desktop option. To 
get there, I understand that we have to improve the spec.

> his would also require to add a new "localeboolean" type to the spec, 
> which seems rather bizarre ...
Or just simply state in the spec that certain keys can be locale specific.



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