Support for localized Exec entries, please

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On Jun 13, 2012 9:41 AM, "Ronny Standtke"
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>> If a user installs an application, it is a reasonable expectation that
it will appear in the menu.
> That's true for menu entries that make sense for all locales.

No, I think this is true for every user-installed application. I'm assuming
that your application is meant to be installed by an administrator for
multiple users (using different locales), which is the only setting I can
think of where this behavior might possibly make sense.

> we already use them because KDE already provides us with the necessary

But is this an actual feature or an implementation detail? Can you point to
any KDE applications which rely on this behavior?

I consider the proposed behavior pretty odd, and so far we have a single
example of an application that wants this - that doesn't look like a good
reason for a spec change to me to be honest (in particular as you should be
able to implement the desired behavior in a less convenient, but spec
compliant way).

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