Support for localized Exec entries, please

Ronny Standtke ronny.standtke at
Sun Jun 24 12:45:46 PDT 2012

> For NoDisplay, you could use a small autostart script which 
> writes/modifies a .desktop file according to the locale in 
> $XDG_DATA_HOME/share/applications.
There are two problems with this autostart workaround script:
1) It needs root privileges to change the desktop files.
2) It does not work in scenarios where multiple users with different 
locales want to be logged in at the same time.

> In fact, localized URL entries don't sound outright insane to me :-)
Great! We are starting to find a common ground! Now lets continue from 
here to get from workarounds to simple solutions, please! ;-)

Best regards


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