Could someone please help fix icewm-xdg-menu (details included).

Thomas Kluyver thomas at
Mon Nov 5 03:51:57 PST 2012

On 4 November 2012 23:00, Sergio <sergiocmailbox-freedesktop at>wrote:

> icewm-xdg-menu is a python script that generates an IceWM menu file from
> menu specs.
> I use Fedora 17 and recently pyxdg was updated from 0.19 to 0.23 (
> ) and this
> broke icewm-xdg-menu.
> The script is this:
> The error it has with pyxdg 0.23 is this:

Thanks again. Now I'm at my computer, here's the freedesktop bug for the
same issue:

I've just committed a test and a fix for it. I hope to make a new release
of PyXDG soon.

Best wishes,
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