Unexpected hash change on old file

Dario Niedermann dnied at tiscali.it
Thu Nov 8 17:19:28 PST 2012


I'm almost certainly wrong, but - according to local data at my end
- the hashes for a file at the cgit.freedesktop.org site might have
changed unexpectedly.

The file in question is:


The repository browser reports that the file hasn't been changed in
3 years, but I seem to get different hashes for it than I got on

Last month's hashes were:

	SHA1   = 085a287ec5ed851e3b084514c54fc587a60f8e59
	RMD160 = c69c33017b98860576518cffb2829b83014ee53c

Today's hashes are:

	SHA1   = 0a1b7f8a1e2e2a3e681af5528d0e6c770e53a465
	RMD160 = 2b8f87da4e03714d0b8801eb5eebcb19d4d93257

File size is unchanged (75049 bytes).

Just for the sake of peace of mind, can anyone verify against a backup?
Unfortunately, I no longer have October 11's download to run 'diff' on.


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