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> Hi,
> I begun to make a xdg application menu with full support for the
> additional FreeDesktop categories for fvwm. It will be usable with any
> desktop/wm that support the xdg menu.

As somebody with extensive experience with the XDG menu spec, please, don't
work on either this spec or apps that use it any longer.

None of the existing implementations are 100% compliant because the spec is
extremely hard to implement correctly, and it specifies weird things that
nobody wants or are unintuitive.

You're much better off creating your own system.

Before I continue, I want to be sure I am not making duplicated
> efforts. I googled, but didn't find any xdg applications menu with full
> support for the additional categories. Are you aware of such an
> existing menu?
> Also, I am looking for translated category files (the files
> into /usr/share/desktop-directories/). I was able to find such files
> for the main categories, but google return almost nothing for the
> additional categories files. Are you aware of the existence of such
> translated files?
> Last, it can be hacks for desktops like gnome, kde, and so on, as well
> than for some distributions. For now, I simply let xdg do its job,
> don't have much time and have other priorities as well. What do you
> think would be best to do with these hacks when my menu will be done
> with all the additional categories?
> Best,
> Dominique
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