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> Il 31/12/2013 14:25, Eike Hein ha scritto:
> > On Tuesday 31 December 2013 14:22:14 Andrea Zanellato wrote:
> >> Thanks for the quick reply.
> >> I meant as global standard, not DE specific, maybe I miss some
> >> rationale about global naming and DE specific?
> > No, I'm just providing a data point. It's useful when specs
> > reflect what's already being used.
> >
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Eike
> What I had in mind was about to define a global standard before any
> DE can use it or not, since it's a reality that, in this case, a
> computer has hibernate and suspend capacities.
> Another question I needed to do about places:
> I see that file managers like thunar, pcmanfm and nautilus use to
> list folders defined in .config/user-dirs.dirs like music, images and
> so on with custom icons, so what about them?

In fvwm-crystal, I added localized support for them as 2 pictures icons
on the desktop. Dual png icons are not well supported in Linux, only
the first pic will be shown in a very few pic viewers, but with fvwm,
a lot of things are possible. 

When clicking on them, it will launch any file manager according to
some preference settings (even console apps like mc and custom commands
are supported). It is also possible to show the externally mounted
drives/partitions, and to show/hyde them on thy fly from the main menu.


> Regards,
> Andrea
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