fdopenres - forked and fixed xdg-open

Nikita Zlobin cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Sun Feb 10 09:52:48 PST 2013

Last time i searched for a way to run user-preferred file manager to
open project directory from desktop-space session managers (used to
manage projects). I found two hard issues:

1. Under destops environments it tries to use native tools like
kde-open, gvfs-open and exo-open, but they all don't wait for project
termination and quit in few moments after application start, what makes
them hard to control.

2. Native part, using xdg-mime, fails to find app.desktop launchers for
kde4 applications, which are placed in application/kde4 subdir, but
searched only in root (applications), just by testing does such file
exist. Next attempt, mimeopen, makes ugly suggestions. Even under kde4
it suggested only qgit, thunar, marlin and caja (qgit is on first
position ))), when xdg-mime suggested nautilus (which however, was not
installed, so lol). In my version it searches launchers by find utility
and uses first result.

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