Is gnome or nautilus fully compliant to freedesktop spec?

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Fri Jan 18 04:08:58 PST 2013

Le vendredi 18 janvier 2013, à 22:48 +1100, jupiter a écrit :
> > Can you give more details on the issues you hit?
> I was not able to list the application menu on desktop menu in gnome,
> but works on KDE and xfce.

You mean, by right-clicking on the desktop (we don't have that in
GNOME)? Or something else?

I can tell you that GNOME does support the menu spec, for sure.

> The current issue is that adding an environment variable such as $HOME
> in desktop entry file as following example works with KDE file manager
> and Thunar when to click a desktop launcher (copy an application menu
> icon to the desktop), but does not work with nautilus, the error was
> "Failed to change directory $HOME (No such file or directory)"
> Path=$HOME

There's no support for environment variables in the desktop entry spec,
and therefore there's no guarantee that this will work on all



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