Removing OnlyShowIn / NotShowIn from desktop actions

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Jul 3 10:18:37 PDT 2013

Le 03/07/2013 17:12, Jasper St. Pierre a écrit :
> Why shouldn't an application be able to start a KDE project under GNOME?

Because if your IDE know about 15 types of projects you probably don't 
want your desktop lists all those, in its context menu, but only favor 
the ones you recommend. Users who want to change from the 
default/recommendation can tweak their launcher or open the IDE and 
start a project rom there

> Furthermore, why is this just applied to just actions interface, and 
> probably not to the in-window UI.

Hum? It can be applied in the window UI as well, what the application 
itself is doing it's up to the application though...

> Do we want to also specify XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP, which was shot down 
> last time?

That would be nice, for the record we do patch gnome-session in Ubuntu 
to set that variable and do make use of it to show specific Unity 
controls e.g in gnome-control-center (we could just patch g-c-c to add 
them, but then GNOME Ubuntu users would complain about having Unity 
controls in their control center, having the flexibility let us having 
users of both desktops happy)

Sebastien Bacher

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