Adapting /usr/bin/xdg-open to recognize Mate too

Stefano Karapetsas stefano at
Mon Mar 4 12:29:14 PST 2013

 >> In the interest of maximizing the usefulness of "xdg-open" for any 
 >> desktop environment that exists for Linux, would it be politically
 >> feasible to adapt the official code for the next version of
 >> "/usr/bin/xdg-open" so that it can work properly for the Mate Desktop
 >> Environment?

 > Sure, please file bug(s) (preferably with patches), and I'll be happy 
 > to import/adapt things as necessary.

This is already available on xdg-utils git tree:

And it's already ok for next MATE release, where mate-open is deprecated 
for gvfs-open.

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