[udisks] Can't automount disks

Samuli Suominen ssuominen at gentoo.org
Tue Mar 12 03:47:55 PDT 2013

On 12/03/13 12:36, Gilles wrote:
> On Fri, 08 Mar 2013 21:41:02 +0200, Samuli Suominen
> <ssuominen at gentoo.org> wrote:
>> You need to run your session with ConsoleKit/dbus in the start so you
>> don't need to run the daemons like that afterwards
> Thanks for the links.
> Apparently, ConsoleKit is deadware and replaced with systemd (logind).
> At this point, I'm in the dark about what HAL, udev, udisks(1 and 2),
> ConsoleKit/PolicyKit/systemd, and D-Bus do and work together, and how
> to get whatever software is needed so that the right stuff is loaded
> at boot time and users can access mass storage devices, either
> internal or external.
> If someone knows of a good article that gives the big picture, I'm
> definitely interested.

Right, if you use systemd-logind instead of ConsoleKit which is a full 
replacement for it (more or less)

Then you should have the systemd-logind pam entry in /etc/pam.d instead 
so it gets picked up when you login to the system

And then you should use a display manager that has the support for 
systemd-logind, preferably, but I guess text login works too, or should 
work somehow

- You can forget HAL, ConsoleKit

- UDisks1 can be co-installed with UDisks2, so use whatever your 
packages need

So all the latest you need for this is:

PolicyKit, systemd-logind, UDisks2, UPower

It's all tied to logging correctly to the desktop session... No need for 
starting anything manually, it should just work

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