Additional devices in icon-naming-spec

Côme BERNIGAUD come.bernigaud at
Mon Apr 14 07:19:27 PDT 2014

> That's for media types though. According to the spec the fallback for
> devices is understood as <primary function>-<manufacturer>-<model>.
> Falling back on "headphone" if "headphone-headset" is not present
> sounds fine, but then needs to be specified as such imho.
> "drive-removable-media" which is also in the spec would make no sense
> as "drive-removable"; same goes for "multimedia-player".
True, but there is a lot of uses of this kind of fallbacks, it is often 
used for mimetypes, and applications, I’ve seen themes with 
internet-mail-thunderbird icon and internet-mail fallback (btw, 
applications/internet-mail and applications/internet-browser are not 
even in icon-naming-spec :-O)
Maybe we should even add this fallback logic to icon-theme-spec?
> In a more generic way: Agreed on computer-laptop. Also agreed on
> audio-headphones and audio-headphones-headset. Maybe
> media-flash-sdcard instead of media-sdcard.
Why not.
> I suppose it would make sense to move things to a mobile- prefix if
> you go with that. mobile-pda (move it there), mobile-phone (does not
> replace phone, however would fall back to it I suppose),
This is a problem I had also, most themes have a mobile phone icon in 
devices/phone, and when you DO need an icon for phones, you’re screwed.
> mobile-phone-smartphone, mobile-tablet, mobile-tablet-reader (?
> instead of ebook-reader). We could also move multimedia-player to
> mobile-multimedia-player.
not sure about ebook specializing tablet and multimedia-player in mobile…
> I didn't want to nab the name "fax" as that is what you would call the
> document itself. If a single-word logic must be retained, we could go
> with one of "phone-fax", "telecopier" or "phone-telecopier". Anyway,
> for some reason I don't think there'll be too many actual users of
> that icon :)
devices/fax can be used as the document itself would not be in devices.
telecopier is also ok. Not sure about putting that under phone prefix…
> We could move router to network-router. modem can stay where it's at.
> Forgot two in my original email: drive-harddisk-ssd, for SSDs (falls
> back to drive-harddisk) and media-sim for SIM cards (need it on phones
> and tablets).

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