audio/x-riff mime type

Jerome Leclanche adys.wh at
Wed Feb 5 01:41:38 PST 2014

The audio/x-riff mime type is causing me trouble currently. Namely, it
is conflicting with image/webp as webp images are based on RIFF
containers (this hasn't come up since only kde ships a webp mime type
for now).

Why is there an audio/x-riff mime type at all? The only riff-based
audio is wav, which has its own mime type (audio/x-wav) and gets
correctly detected.

Unless someone has a strong reason not to, I suggest immediately
dropping the audio/x-riff mime type from the fdo database, as the only
matches it will get are on generic riff-based files.
If the mime type is necessary, i suggest creating a new one,
application/x-riff: "RIFF data"  which would be a parent of audio/wav,
image/webp etc.

J. Leclanche

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