audio/x-riff mime type

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed Feb 5 13:14:04 PST 2014

Em qua 05 fev 2014, às 09:41:38, Jerome Leclanche escreveu:
> Why is there an audio/x-riff mime type at all? The only riff-based
> audio is wav, which has its own mime type (audio/x-wav) and gets
> correctly detected.
> Unless someone has a strong reason not to, I suggest immediately
> dropping the audio/x-riff mime type from the fdo database, as the only
> matches it will get are on generic riff-based files.
> If the mime type is necessary, i suggest creating a new one,
> application/x-riff: "RIFF data"  which would be a parent of audio/wav,
> image/webp etc.

Right, that makes sense.

RIFF can embed other types of media. It's just that so far it's basically been 
used only for audio files, and WAV at that. If there's now a good use of it 
with non-audio data, it should be in the application/ hierarchy.
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