More about "intents": Several improvements to desktop files and caches

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at
Wed Jan 8 10:15:45 PST 2014

Le Wed, 08 Jan 2014 14:11:04 +0000,
Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at> a écrit :

> GNOME in Debian also needed its defaults to be changed, to not assume
> that terminal implementations were command-line-compatible with
> gnome-terminal (because x-terminal-emulator isn't).
> When associating files with applications, one common protocol is "you
> append the files as arguments on the application's command-line, one
> argument per file". It's so common that people don't necessarily think
> of it as a protocol at all, but you can't have interoperability
> without agreeing on a protocol of some sort.

For me, that mess is not over. According to xterm man page, 

xterm -e mc /home/dom

should work. As a bonus, even it is not into the man page

xterm -e "mc /home/dom"

work too.

With gnome-terminal, both calls are working, but with terminator,
xfce4-terminal and x-terminal-emulator, only

terminator -e "mc /home/dom"

works. But with urxvt, only

urxvt -e mc /home/dom

works. That imply that mess is not over, even if I was able to commit a
fix for fvwm-crystal. In fact, this is worst than before because I now
need to deal with that in 2 functions instead of 1.

I agree with you that a protocol is the way to get interoperability, but
if upstream is not following it, we don't get it. In that case, xterm
is the reference and its man page is clear, we don't need "" after -e.


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