systemd and cgroups

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at
Sun Jan 12 08:12:30 PST 2014

Recently, I experimented with Debian sid, which installed systemd.
Systemd idea is nice, but its implementation is a catastrophe. It is
more than one year I am using the kernel cgroups on gentoo to get rt
scheduling with JACK, that without any trouble.

On that Debian system, this was just impossible, because whatever I
try, systemd insisted to put what it think is good to have into the rt
cgroup, which soon or later resulted in a complete system freeze with
even dead magic keys. After loosing my time a few days with this, I
removed Debian and installed gentoo instead.

I found the reason here:

"Lennart Poettering:

Well, this feature is... completely irrelevant for normal desktop
In fact, I just prepped a patch to systemd to move every service and
every user session into its own cgroup in the 'cpu' hierarchy (in
addition to the group it already creates in the 'systemd' hierarchy)."

What terrify me in that story is the total lack of consideration for
the needs of who the chief developer of systemd strongly suggest are
abnormal desktop users.

More, this systemd patch is more than 3 years old now, and I found that
freedesktop is involved in that mess:

So, that imply, if I am right with my diagnostic, the next question is
what can be done to solve that issue?

Best Regards,

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