Supporting desktop actions in actions cache/actions list files. Syntax RFC

Jerome Leclanche adys.wh at
Wed Jan 15 10:03:04 PST 2014

Hi list

I mentioned in my email about intents that we need to be able to bind
Desktop Actions to mime types (and potentially intents). I'm going to
implement support for this next in my lib and I wanted to ask opinions
about syntax.

This is an example of a registered mime action:

[Added Associations]

Assuming foo.desktop has a "Desktop Action Bar", registering a mime
type in the desktop action involves caching it (and being able to
associate it as well), which in turn needs to be identified directly
while remaining backwards-compatible with current implementations.

All current implementations I tested will simply ignore the value if
it points to a non-existant desktop file, which means we can do
something like this:


This is the syntax I proposed. There are alternatives:

image/png=foo.desktop[Desktop Action Gallery];bar.desktop;


A single-character split might be easier to implement than brackets. Thoughts?

J. Leclanche

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