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Thomas Koch thomas at
Sun Feb 22 05:52:43 PST 2015

On Saturday, February 21, 2015 06:26:57 PM Guido Berhoerster wrote:
> How about wall(1)? It's simple, works cross platform and is the
> only mechanism that notifies all users[*] regardless of whether
> they are logged in via SSH, on a virtual console, a terminal
> emulator, or in a X session through a desktop notification via
> kwrited (by default in KDE) or xwrited in any other DE that has a
> XDG notification daemon.

Hi Guido,

thank you! Of course I found wall when googling, but I didn't find a solution 
to display wall messages to a Desktop user. Your xwrited seems to be a good 

I tried to clone it with hg clone, hg clone --insecure and git clone hg:: but 
neither worked with the url, 
also with just http.

And the download link to the last version doesn't work on

Maybe you'd like to switch to git instead of mercurial? :-)

Do you know whether anybody already started a package for Debian?

Regards, Thomas Koch

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