System wide user desktop shortcuts - review/help needed

Juan Picca jumapico at
Mon Feb 15 13:59:40 UTC 2016

Hi all.
I need advice/reviews about a method to create user desktop shortcuts.

The scenario is the following: the administrator wants to install
custom packages in the system, and for the programs in the custom
packages, create icons in the desktop of each user - users existing in
the system and users to be created.

I don't found a solution to this scenario, becouse of that, i create
the following method using xdg autostart:

1. I add in /etc/xdg/autostart the user-shortcuts-update.desktop file
that runs the xdg-user-shortcuts-update program each time that a user
loggin in the system.

2. I add the program xdg-user-shortcuts-update that checks/create
desktop shortcuts based in the desktop entries existing in

The script uses the directory $XDG_DATA_HOME/shortcuts to store the
created shortcuts, allowing the user to remove the shortcuts in the
desktop and avoid that the script recreate the removed shortcut.

3. I add the directory /etc/xdg/shortcuts for use by custom packages
that want system-wide desktop shortcuts - the package only need place
a symbolic link to a .desktop file launcher (currently the desktop
file that the package installs in /user/share/applications)

If someone knows an established method for do the creation of
system-wide shortcuts please tell me.
Any advice/review of the previous method is welcome.

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