Proposing a new menu spec category

Joaquim Rocha me at
Tue Jul 12 13:34:10 UTC 2016

Even as varied as the's categories list is, I am finding 
it hard to categorize some applications that are basically used for 
reference. Think of apps like e-books, a kids' animated stories app, a 
cooking recipe list, etc. They could arguably be added to Education but 
what about an app that shows facts and statistics about a soccer club? 
Is it really about education?

For that reason, I am proposing a Reference category to be added to the 
list of official fd.o categories with the following subcategories:
- Art;
- Biography;
- Comics;
- Fiction;
- Health;
- History;
- Lifestyle;
- Politics;
- Sports;

Hope it makes sense.

Best regards,

Joaquim Rocha

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