daisy digital talking book mime type help needed

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 01:58:25 UTC 2016

hi all
I've brought this up before, so I don't want to be annoying. I'm a co
developer of a disability targeted linux distribution called sonar.
Since I've just finished an official stable release, it's a good time to
get some of my back burner work done. I'd like to if possible help add
mime types for the various daisy (digital accessible information system)
(http://www.daisy.org) format of books. To sum it up so I don't bore
everyone with technical jargon, there are three standards of  daisy
books. daisy 2.02 is the oldest, and consists of the text of the book
wrapped up in an html file hard coded to ncc.html, with an xml file, and
smil (syncronized multimedia integration language) files, also xml,
describing the book markup, number of pages, chapters, etc. Daisy 3.0 is
a rewrite of the format, but essentially has the same purpose but with
different xml tags. This time the text of the book is wrapped up in
html, but has an xml file extension and also consists of xml tags
describing the main, highest, levels of markup, sections, parts, etc
with smil files describing the lower levels (chapters, pages, sentences
in some cases). The epub book format uses some of these tags in it's
markup but daisy reading software can't parse epub files. The last is a
hybrid format between daisy 2 and 3 called by the dry name of "ansi niso
z39.86/2002", which the nls "national library service" part of the
library of congress hear in the US, uses for it's bard (braille and
audio reading download) service for it's books. In this standard, the
books use daisy 3 markup, xml, smil, etc but there are two books in one.
One book is a stub because the books contents are encrypted using an
AES128 bit key so that only authorised software can read them. The stub
just plays an mp3 file which says essentially sorry, you can't play this
book. The audio files are amr wb+ files, wrapped up in a 3gp container
and encrypted again. Even the navigation markup is encrypted so that
only authorised software can decode the markup (chapters, pages, etc). 
I want to help add support for these books to the mime type database but
I'm a novice at xml. Is anyone interested in helping me? Eventually I
want to write or help to write a gstreamer plugin to read the nls's
encrypted books but the first step is to help linux and any other OS's
that use our mime types recognize them. I've already filed a bug against
the mime type database at
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=91873. I hope I didn't add
too much technical info in this email, I always get carried away when
I'm trying to write an email for help.
Kendell Clark

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