freedesktop service avalibility from our build server

Jiachen Yang farseerfc at
Mon Nov 7 12:11:45 UTC 2016

Hi maintainers,

I am Jiachen Yang, representing Arch Linux CN community to send this

The Arch Linux CN community is a non-profit community to provide support
for Arch Linux distribution around Chinese users. We have the same focus
on delivering free and open source softwares along with the official
Arch Linux community. We have community members who also contribute to
the official Arch Linux as developer and trusted user. We have a
homepage at [1]. I myself is a trusted user of official Arch Linux [2].

Our community have a dedicated build server that automatically checks
for source code updates on upstreams and build softwares as Arch Linux
packages and delivers the built packages to our testers and users. These
software packages include several softwares whose upstream git
repository is hosted on Our build server is configured
to check updates 3 times a day, the time interval will be roughly 8
hours. During each check, we firstly fetch the git master branch to see
whether there are any updates, and if there is any, we build the new
package in a chroot environment, which will fetch the git repo again,
for each software package we are tracking.

From around 5 days ago, November 2nd , our build server ( cannot connect to
servers, including and
<> . Our build bots keeps trying and
reporting connection errors. We would like to know how to fix this

We are very sorry if our build server causes any troubles with the servers. We want to ask:

1. Is it possible to unblock our build server or raise the traffic limit
on our build server to the freedesktop servers?

2. Is there any up-to-date server mirrors that we can check updates
other than the <>

3. Which time interval is appropriate for checking updates on
freedesktop servers?

We have a dedicate issue for this on our GitHub issue page [3] . Sorry
the issue is written in Chinese, but we can write in English if
necessary. Feel free to leave your suggestions as comments on that
issue. You can also reply to my email: farseerfc at


Jiachen Yang

[1]: Arch Linux CN homepage:

[2]: Jiachen Yang TU page:

[3]: GitHub issue for this problem:

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