CommonExtendedAttributes / xattr tags

Felipe Barriga Richards felipe at
Thu Nov 17 13:08:59 UTC 2016

Hi list,

I've been working into adding support for tagging files using extended
attributes (xattrs). My proposed place and way to store such tags will
be to store them on user.xdg.tags as a string of comma-separated values.

Currently this is being used by:
- dolphin (kde file manager)
- baloo file indexer (

I also have 3 patches to implement this on caja file manager and
nautilus file manager (for search and display):

The current guidelines of common extended attributes are here:

Additionally I was thinking into write a small tool to work with this
tags from command line (dump, add, delete, replace).

Related: Apple osX/macos store tags on

Maybe we can start a discussion about more xattrs properties like:
- ratings
- color tags
- emblems (on another place like user.xdg.emblems or shared with the
tags). For this I think that we could create a basic list of default
- tags should be stored sorted ?


- fbr

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