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Philipp A. flying-sheep at web.de
Wed Apr 12 17:47:01 UTC 2017

Daniel Stone <daniel at fooishbar.org> schrieb am Mi., 12. Apr. 2017 um
18:58 Uhr:

> Hi Philipp,


> Is the enforcement section your primary problem with the CC, and
> how specifically (in terms of actual language used - or not used) do
> you see Rust's CoC as improving on this? […] I *don't* read it as an
> assumption that every report must result in action being taken against the
> accused, no matter what.

it specifically mentions the actions taken (warning → kick → ban),
including the possibility to appeal. it doesn’t use threatening language to
announce “repercussions” for project leaders. i think the way it’s written
is less aggressive and leaves more room for forgiveness.

for me, the CC sounds like immediate harsh punishment for even
ignorance-caused transgressions is a *possibility*. Like in a bank, if you
say the wrong word, the shutters go down, the sirens activate, and the
police is called. rust’s CoC sounds like it was written by and for people
you can talk to.

Thanks a lot!
> Cheers,
> Daniel

NP, thanks for caring about the community!

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