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Sorry, I forgot to include xdg at in recipients.
Duplicate my own message:

dbus is just another dependency, it's not always desirable in application
and it's not even used in every DE. E.g. Lumina desktop works without it.
Actually it was pointed out in irc chat that freedesktop has xsettings
Specifications/xsettings-spec/ and Net/IconThemeName in XSettingsRegistry
I don't know how widely this spec is accepted in desktop environments, it's
only a draft. Also it's designed for X, so not display server independent.
Remember we also have Wayland and Mir and actually nothing can stop us from
following the most of freedesktop specs on completely other platforms (e.g.
there's KDE for Windows and OSX).

There also was a message by Alexander Sokolov, which he sends only to me,
and not xdg. He probably would want to resend it himself.

On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 12:22 AM, Markus Raab <elektra at>

> Hi,
> 29. January 2017, 00:57:54 Роман Чистоходов wrote:
> > Icon Theme Specification mentions "current theme", but does not elaborate
> > on what it is and how it can be detected, [...]
> > It seems like detection of the current icon theme is DE-dependent right
> > now. [...] Applications may read file and watch it for
> > changes (using platform-dependent API).
> > Until this is not implemented by desktop environments, sensible fallback
> > may be specified for each popular DE.
> Elektra implements DE detection in
> plugins/desktop
> and we gladly accept desktop icons detection. It would give the desired
> features (e.g. notification via
> and
> the plugin could implement fallbacks in the case nobody writes into the
> KDB.
> Btw. why didn't you suggest dbus?
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