Quoted %F and %U in Desktop Entries

Роман Чистоходов freeslave93 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 01:08:22 UTC 2017

Actually I was confused by Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool that
supports this case.
E.g. create action with Command zenity and the following parameters:
--list --text="Nautilus-Actions parameters for the selected items:"
--column="Parameter" --column="Token" --column="Value" "space-separated
list of filenames" %%F "%F"
In Nautilus apply this action to the multiple files and you will see the
list of space-delimited file paths in the second column.
But Nautilus actions are not the same as Desktop Entries so nothing's wrong

On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 3:44 AM, Роман Чистоходов <freeslave93 at gmail.com>

> Oh, silly me.
> It's said in the end of The Exec key page:
> "Field codes must not be used inside a quoted argument, the result of
> field code expansion inside a quoted argument is undefined. The %F and %U
> field codes may only be used as an argument on their own."
> On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 3:36 AM, Роман Чистоходов <freeslave93 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> How %F and %U should be handled when they're in quotes?
>> E.g. we have "%F" in Exec line and opens many files file1, file2, file3
>> at once should they be passed as a single argument "file1 file2 file3" to
>> the application?
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