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kendell clark coffeekingms at
Sun Mar 12 14:38:44 UTC 2017

hi all
I'm trying to add another mime type again. I've recently begun playing 
games from the sony play station portable (psp). They're standard 
iso9660 files, so a unique mime type would be nice. The guys over on the 
ppsspp irc channel gave me the following, which seems to check out.
string at 32776 with a value of PSP GAME
I've tried using mime-editor to add it, and while it looks correct caja 
and nautilus, two graphical file managers still say "raw cd image". I'm 
not sure if the offset is too far into the file, or if I've got wrong 
data. I've used nano to open the iso fies and there is indeed PSP GAME 
at character 32776 in the iso files, all three games I have here, all 
legally dumped from a psp. The only otehr thing I had to bring up was to 
wonder if my audible mime type would ever make it into the mime 
database? I can't remember who helped me with that, but it was someone 
on this list. Whoever it was, thank you very much you got a lot further 
than I did. However, it's still a patch on the bug, it isn't part of the 
freedesktop mime database. There isn't any legal issue with just a mime 
type, is it? It's basically just saying" audio" when you run 
across an audible file.
Kendell Clark

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