Jérôme Bardot bardot.jerome at
Wed Jun 27 21:11:57 UTC 2018


I tired so sry for my bad english.

I don’t know if it’s the right place for this but you will say to me.

Like it’s done with ~/.config why not do the same for

~/.xmpp-message (maybe should it be merge with email)

You/we also have to specify the standard use for item store and their storage .

If that is do every software know where find data, people can choose
their software, data can be sync with server *dav.

Maybe will need a kind of router/hooks.


bookmark add $url or based on type/mime
 hook rss add $url


new rss retrieve
  hook wget content if truncate

We also improve things like (for irc/xmpp)

daemon start when user is log and retrieve messages (if window manager
maybe notification)
user start a reader/sender to read or reply

I know several of this things already exists but make it as a standard
can only permit to us to do more things in this time of lack of
developpers ?


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