Thomas Kluyver thomas at
Thu Jun 28 17:19:22 UTC 2018

Hi Jérôme,

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018, at 10:11 PM, Jérôme Bardot wrote:
> Like it’s done with ~/.config why not do the same for
> ~/.contacts/*.vcf
> ~/.calendars/*ics
> ~/.password-store
> ~/.email
> ~/.rss
> ~/.bookmark
> ~/.torrent
> ~/.xmpp-message (maybe should it be merge with email)

I think these would currently go in XDG_DATA_HOME, which is ~/.local/share by default. Here's the relevant spec:

> If that is do every software know where find data, people can choose
> their software, data can be sync with server *dav.

XDG has no power to make applications use standard locations or data formats for these things. So new standards for all these categories would probably be ignored.

If you want to get e.g. calendar data in a shared location and format, you'd need to convince the developers of calendar applications that that's worth doing. One way to do that would be to make some useful new piece of software which can do something with calendar data stored in the right place.

Once there are multiple projects trying to share data, then someone could look at writing down a specification describing what files go where so that more projects can join in.

Best wishes,

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