Consider adding license information to wiki contents?

Thomas Kluyver thomas at
Thu Mar 22 11:53:22 UTC 2018

+1 to having a default license for the wiki contents.

Code samples in a wiki are often meant to be copied and pasted, so it seems appropriate to license them permissively, like an MIT license, or even public domain. I don't feel strongly about the non-code content, but CC-BY would be an easy default.


On Wed, Mar 21, 2018, at 9:27 AM, Boyuan Yang wrote:
> Dear xdg list members,
> I think it might be a great idea if we could explicitly add license
> information for wiki contents.
> I raised this question on #freedesktop at freenode before and heard from
> <daniels> that current license is "undefined".
> To be more concrete, I would like to know the license and author for
> page [1]. Some downstream projects are including the XML file into
> their projects yet the uncertain license of code snippet caused some
> copyright troubles. Looking through git history is not helpful since
> the original page was converted from moinmoin wiki and the original
> author information is lost.
> Daniels also suggested that any new content on wiki can (and should)
> have licensing information added. I think that the wiki should also
> choose a fallback license. When the author didn't point out the
> copyright information for page contents explicitly, the default
> license should apply. That could eliminate any licensing problem in
> the future.
> Also sending mail copy to those involved in the discussion for
> creating file-manager interface. Hope that the original author could
> read the mail and explicitly state the license for page [1].
> [1]
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> Regards,
> Boyuan Yang
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