Consider adding license information to wiki contents?

Boyuan Yang 073plan at
Wed Mar 21 09:27:55 UTC 2018

Dear xdg list members,

I think it might be a great idea if we could explicitly add license
information for wiki contents.

I raised this question on #freedesktop at freenode before and heard from
<daniels> that current license is "undefined".

To be more concrete, I would like to know the license and author for
page [1]. Some downstream projects are including the XML file into
their projects yet the uncertain license of code snippet caused some
copyright troubles. Looking through git history is not helpful since
the original page was converted from moinmoin wiki and the original
author information is lost.

Daniels also suggested that any new content on wiki can (and should)
have licensing information added. I think that the wiki should also
choose a fallback license. When the author didn't point out the
copyright information for page contents explicitly, the default
license should apply. That could eliminate any licensing problem in
the future.

Also sending mail copy to those involved in the discussion for
creating file-manager interface. Hope that the original author could
read the mail and explicitly state the license for page [1].


Boyuan Yang

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