Consider adding license information to wiki contents?

Simon Lees sflees at
Sun May 6 11:42:56 UTC 2018

On 06/05/18 20:06, Thomas Kluyver wrote:
> On Sun, May 6, 2018, at 10:49 AM, Simon Lees wrote:
>> The only way that I think we can realistically make the wiki situation
>> better is by changing it now to say new changes are under the following
>> license, then in 10 years hope that enough of the content has been
>> changed that someone can delete all the remaining non licensed content
>> then get someone else to fill in any gaps. 
> I'm hoping it might also be possible to work at the level of individual pages: find everyone who has contributed to a page and get their agreement to put a license on it. In combination with agreeing a license for new changes, of course.
That might work for the most part, then at least we'd just end up with a
list of pages / sections of pages that need to be rewritten.

>>  If we were to go with the suggestion I wrote above
>> there are many others who could make that change easier then myself who
>> has no access. 
> Do you know who these people are? Part of what makes this tricky is that I don't even know who can do admin stuff on the wiki.

Unfortunately not, I only started having an interest in this area over
the last couple of years.
>> Either way if something is going to change there needs to be more
>> discussion yet as no one has agreed on which license we would use, which
>> you need to decide before contacting previous contributors.
> OK, let's try to move that forwards. I propose that we use the MIT license for any code on the wiki, and CC-BY for text and any other non-code content. These are equivalent in spirit, but MIT is written for source code.
Id agree that's reasonable.


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