Notification quick reply DBus API

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at
Wed Feb 5 11:52:02 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I propose augmenting the Desktop Notification Spec for a capability for 
a quick reply feature. It will have supported notification servers add a 
text field inside the popup with a dedicated signal for quickly replying 
to text messages:

optional signal org.freedesktop.Notifications.NotificationReplied(uint 
id, string reply)
This signal is emitted when a reply text in a notification is submitted.

In Notification Components, section "Actions":
When supported, an action named "inline-reply" may add a text field to 
the notification allowing input of a reply text without invoking an action.

A new capability in:
"inline-reply" The server supports supports the inline reply action.

Kai Uwe Broulik

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