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Wed Feb 5 14:35:11 UTC 2020


> Interesting idea but I am kinda wary of repurposing an existing signal 
> where you then have to do magic string parsing.

Within the GLib world the :: syntax is quite common for this kind of thing,
it's a bit of a hack sure but arguably better than changing the interface

Of course if we do have a "Replied" instead of using ActionInvoked it would be
better to use a hint than an action since actions are things you ActionInvoked

In an ideal world we we probably drop ActionInvoked in favour of
org.freedesktop.Application.ActivateAction, which helpfully takes an arbitrary
variant as a parameter, but unfortunately we can't just break everything

> Most notification implementations I have seen just assign numbered 
> indices to their action IDs

Can't say I've noticed that myself

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