Notification quick reply DBus API

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at
Wed Feb 5 14:43:24 UTC 2020


> Within the GLib world the :: syntax is quite common for this kind of thing,
> it's a bit of a hack sure but arguably better than changing the interface

I see.

> Of course if we do have a "Replied" instead of using ActionInvoked it would be
> better to use a hint than an action since actions are things you ActionInvoked

And how should that hint look like? Will it say "I want this action to 
do a quick reply if you can"?

Either way, a client has to check for it being supported before using 
it. Otherwise with my proposal they will just not connect to the signal 
and never get a reply, or in your case they will get an action 
invocation with an ID they don't expect: "inline-reply::Some Text" 
rather than the "inline-reply" they added.

Given this, I think a dedicated signal is more explicit.

Kai Uwe

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