[xorg-bugzilla-noise] [Bug 1121] crash: XRenderFindVisualFormat() returns 0 for OpenGL/SDL app window

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Tue Oct 5 15:26:52 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From mfranz at aon.at  2004-10-05 08:26 -------
The crashes happened on Linux 2.6.7 with nVidia driver v6111 and both Xorg and 
xcompmgr from CVS/HEAD as of yesterday (2004/10/4). FlightGear doesn't run in 
"fullscreen" mode, but with a geometry that equals screen size and with window 
decoration. Bugs #1215 ("Fullscreen games cause xcompmgr to segfault.") and 
#1363 ("Fullscreen OpenGL apps crash server") could refer to the same xcompmgr 
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