[Bug 1651] Autorepeat slows down after a moment

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Sun Oct 31 03:21:24 PST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From rosbacke at nada.kth.se  2004-10-31 03:21 -------
I have the same problem, running Gentoo on both x86 and amd64 platform.
I spent some time trying to characterize the bug.
It seems that when the settings of "Option AutoRepeat" in xorg.conf and
"xset r rate" are the same, there is no problem.
But it seems like the xorg.conf setting takes precedence over xset except during
the delay time interval according to xorg.conf. After that time, xorg.conf
repetition rate is used.

The default setting in xorg.conf is Autorepeat 500 5 which will give a 500ms
delay with repetition of 5 characters/second. Setting 'xset r rate 100 50' will
now reproduce the bug.

When pressing a key, it seems like the next character is delayed 100ms, and then
repeated at a rate of 50 characters/second until 500ms has passed. Then
characters are repeated with a rate of 5 characters/second.
Having a larger timeout or slower repetition rate with the xset command compared
to xorg.conf will result in the parameters from xorg.conf will determine the

--- Mikael Rosbacke
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