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Mon Nov 2 01:14:34 PST 2009

`module' version numbers in the xorg/util/modular repo's
module-lists.txt file:

The xorg/util/modular repo has tags like XORG-7_5 for each official release.

It would be very useful if each `module' repo were also to have tags
that reflect which of its revisions is included in which xorg
releases. This seems to have been the policy at one point; for
instance, the xf86-input-evdev repo lists tag XORG-7_1, but no such
tag exists for later xorg releases.

Specifically, this kind of policy would (from what I can tell) allow
one to construct, say, `an XORG-7_5 environment' just by checking out
the XORG-7_5 tag in each relevant `module' repo.

Michael Witten

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