[PATCH] xrandr: Use a prefix for enum type _policy and _relation like other enums in xrandr.c

Yann Droneaud ydroneaud at mandriva.com
Tue Nov 17 10:17:32 PST 2009

Le mardi 17 novembre 2009 à 11:23 -0500, Adam Jackson a écrit :
> On Tue, 2009-11-17 at 15:39 +0100, Yann Droneaud wrote:
> > Try to apply the same coding style to enum _policy and enum _relation.
> > 
> > This patch is a fix for bug #12958 .
> Which, as I've said multiple times now, is a uclibc bug.

BTW, I tried to compile current xrandr.c using uClibc headers from git
master and there's no problem regarding clone() redefined as different

As a proof, I added a #include <sched.h> to xrandr.c and tried to
compile again: gcc report the redefined symbol:

xrandr.c:209: error: ‘clone’ redeclared as different kind of
../../../uClibc/install_dir/usr/include/bits/sched.h:74: error: previous
declaration of ‘clone’ was here               
So the issue reported in bug #12958 seems to be closed.
Gentoo people should now do their housekeeping, and close their bugs.

And my patch could be applied if there's no other objection.
(the reference to bug #12958 could be removed from commit log).

Thanks for you patience.


Yann Droneaud

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