here ou not here ?

Eric Piel E.A.B.Piel at
Mon Nov 23 01:12:33 PST 2009

Op 23-11-09 06:56, Troumad schreef:

> But the VGA as :
> xrandr --output VGA1 --scale 1.000000x0.781250
> And
> $ xrandr --fb 1280x800
> [troumad at iutb-geii-p46][~/xrandr/test/test]
> $ xrandr --fbmm 1280x800
> X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
>    Major opcode of failed request:  150 (RANDR)
>    Minor opcode of failed request:  7 (RRSetScreenSize)
>    Serial number of failed request:  36
>    Current serial number in output stream:  38
Why do you care about fbmm? It's to change the DPI.

> Do nothing... I have not the bottom od the maximized windows
Try with Gnome, and report the results. It's highly probable the problem 
come from KDE.


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