X server 1.9 stable release manager

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Fri Aug 20 01:10:13 PDT 2010

We're probably going to pick 1.9.x as our next long-term support branch for XQuartz (replacing 1.4.x), so I wouldn't mind managing the 1.9.x releases.

The only problem is that I'm not terribly familiar with the xfree86 DDX.  I've got a Linux box which I can use for simple sanity checks and pretesting before pushing out release candidates, but I'll probably be less proactive than Peter was about seeking out cherry picks and will rely on others to nominate them.

Assuming you don't mind someone who is in a second tier DDX managing the branch, I'll volunteer.


On Aug 19, 2010, at 23:56, Keith Packard wrote:

> With 1.9 scheduled to come out tomorrow, it's time to find a helpful
> volunteer to manage the 1.9 branch and put out stable releases on an
> occasional basis.
> We've relied upon Peter Hutterer for the last couple of stable release
> branches and he's done a fabulous job for which we should all give him
> our thanks (and a suitable bottle). But, he's got a lot of input work on
> his plate and isn't planning on signing up for another term in office.
> I'm not sure we have a defined process for selecting among multiple
> applicants; as far as I know, that's never happened. If it does, I'd
> suggest either letting Peter pick his successor, or if that seems
> controversial in some way, we could ask the board to help out.
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